CodeJam Qualifier Recap

Code Jam gcj2021

So it’s confirmed, I’m qualified for round 1.

In case you missed them, here are my write-ups for the qualifier problems:

The problems were fun and interesting, on the whole. I do regret a few things.

  1. It’s really a lot of sorting for a single round.
  2. (related) It’s a lot of abstract computer science for a qualifier.
  3. My initial solution to E-large fell in the bad luck territory of the test set. For no good reason. It’s a pity it had so few tests. And I say that as someone who didn’t really attempt it during the challenge. There are probably quite a few poor souls who paid a higher price for it.

On the positive side: they’re now providing the actual test sets in the analyses! That’s the first great news you’re hearing from me since they revamped the platform, take heed!

Here’s my writing prompts list, for later perusal.